Axial Reade is a private equity firm that strives to build exceptional businesses with remarkable partners 


Firm Overview

Axial Reade is a private equity firm focused on sourcing private middle-market investments. We strive to build exceptional businesses with remarkable partners, strong management teams and trusted advisers. We believe great leadership equals excellent results, and we endeavor to create long-term relationships with the best industry executives. Axial Reade was founded in 2018 by Michael Sirignano who has over fifteen years of private equity and investing experience. Mr. Sirignano has served on the Board of Directors of numerous companies, including Navistar International and Blackman Plumbing.


Investment Strategy

We source differentiated and value-oriented investment opportunities, principally in industries we know well, and leverage expertise through our extensive networks to unlock unique opportunities. Our highly methodical investment approach maximizes upside while minimizing risk. Each potential acquisition is vetted by our thorough diligence process and we create a high-conviction and detailed bridge to earnings growth prior to making any investment. We do not rely on leverage nor multiple expansion for base case returns. We invest across the capital structure, and we are incredibly discerning, meticulous and patient. We utilize a flexible and creative hands-on approach to drive change and generate value by carefully identifying operational improvements and challenges upfront.


Partnership with the McChrystal Group

Axial Reade has a strategic partnership with the McChrystal Group, which is led by General (Ret.) Stan McChrystal. The McChrystal Group creates value for companies by improving performance at the enterprise, team and individual levels, which enables successful execution of strategic goals. Comprised of an elite team of approximately 100 employees with New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling books, the McChrystal Group has tremendous access and industry knowledge. They have a proven track record of transforming stagnant and siloed organizations into cohesive and adaptable “teams of teams.” Typically focused on improving Global 2000 companies, their same processes will be strategically and selectively applied to Axial Reade’s portfolio companies.

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